Audio Story Vision

I chose to focus on Jeroen’s relationship to the rehearsal studio because writing and playing music is one of his passions, and where there’s passion there’s sure to be a good story.

I also like the musical element. We’re accustomed to listening to polished, produced music so I thought it would be interesting, something different, to highlight the rough sounds of a rehearsal studio. I wanted to link the rawness of the rehearsal space sounds to the rawness of some of the stories Jeroen has about the place by incorporating the sounds of unloading vehicles, setting up and soundchecking, unproduced songs being played and mucked up, laughter and chatter to evoke the social aspects of being in a band.

The 1-minute length of the piece is also akin to the short lengths of some of Jeroen’s band’s songs, so I wanted to create a story that flowed similarly – with an intro that draws you in, building to a crescendo, then a finale that gives resolution to the story. I envisioned Jeroen’s words being the main feature of the story, with the ambient sounds and music to carry it along.


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