A Critique

This is a short critique of this emotional history task by a fellow Journalism student.

You’re drawn into the story from the beginning, after listening to the first interviewee describe the moment they were informed of their friend’s death by drowning. You can hear the grief in their voices. In the beginning of the track, it’s a bit unclear what is being said. A small moment of silence before launching into the dialogue may be beneficial in giving the listener a moment to focus their attention.

The music conveys a solemness, although it a bit too saccharine for my taste and sometimes a bit distracting. I think perhaps an instrumental track may have been utilised more effectively. I thought the German drinking song was a great addition because it complemented what was being said and its rhythm allowed you to imagine the pace of the pallbearers, to picture them carrying the coffin.

One minute the second interviewee is crying because she’s scared she’s going to forget about her friend, and the next she’s laughing because she’s remembering things he did. This constrast was a bit too abrubt, so perhaps an brief anecdote about a funny thing he did could have smoothed the transition from crying to laughter. It was a good way to end the story though, on a higher note instead of a sad one.

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