Access All Areas

In this audio story, Jeroen opens the door to his band rehearsal room at Kickstart Studios and invites us inside.

The Studios are located in a secluded industrial area in Wollongong. At night, when bands are there to rehearse, the dimly-lit car park and surrounding warehouses throw menacing shadows.

You might be vulnerable while outside, but this changes once you enter.

It’s cramped, dark and dusty inside. Old gig posters plaster the foyer walls and broken instruments hang from the ceiling. By the looks of it, these soundproofed rehearsal rooms and stained carpets could tell a few tales of their own…

But there’s an atmosphere of ‘esprit de corps’ – a sense of people coming together to do what they love – carried along by a throbbing undercurrent of bands exorcising and fine-tuning their masterpieces.