Vox Pop: Why do you think some people use illegal drugs at music festivals?

Future Music Festival in Malaysia was cancelled recently after the deaths of six festival-goers from reported drug overdoses.

In the preceding Melbourne leg of the Festival tour, 48 arrests for drug offences were reported.

I asked students at the University of Wollongong why they think some people use illegal drugs at music festivals and how they think it can be controlled?


One comment

  1. summerskye94 · April 29, 2014

    I think the question was very good because a lot of university students would be able to relate to either being part of these behaviours or being in an environment where this is taking place.
    It was really distracting that not one person looked into the camera. That took away from the video because they didnt look at the person viewing it once.
    I think you got a really good range of people, from ages to gender. I like that it all wasnt shot at the same place.
    Overall a good idea.

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