Pipped at the post

Yvette Gilfillan

Pipped at the post by her best friend since Kindy.

Most people would be over the moon to receive an ATAR of 99.2, but that wasn’t quite the case for Yvette Gilfillan.

The 18-year-old Bachelor of Creative Arts student from Nowra came second to the woman she’d been best friends with since Kindergarten.

“She got an ATAR of 99.45 and Dux of the school. At a school ceremony, the Principal said to me ‘You must feel pipped at the post’, and I thought ‘Yeah, kinda…'”

Despite not being Dux of the school, Yvette was still happy to share valuable advice on how to succeed at the HSC with other students from her school who were set to sit the exams the following year.


Trouble for Villain at Uni Party?

The morning after the recent Superheroes and Villains Party at the University of Wollongong has revealed startling evidence of possible foul play for one attendee.

The partial costumery of Edward Stationeryhands lay discarded on a Uni Bar table, indicating that perhaps this particular villain may have encountered unexpected trouble during the event.

The partial costumery of Edward Stationeryhands lays discarded on a Uni Bar table.

Has tragedy befallen Edward Stationeryhands?

A spokesperson for the event said there had been “no reports of the kidnapping or otherwise of this villain, and that perhaps they were just having difficulty holding their drink.”

Investigations are yet to commence into Edward Stationeryhands’ possible disappearance.

The Duck Pond Head Honcho

The University of Wollongong campus is teeming with a variety of wildlife and one of the most common sights on the grounds are the ducks.

On a walk past the duck pond, my personal space was seriously invaded by this fellow, the Duck Pond Head Honcho, who was very concerned at my proximity to a nesting duck and who took it upon himself to interrogate me thoroughly.

University of Wollongong Duck Pond Head Honcho

University of Wollongong Duck Pond Head Honcho

I had heard rumours that the UoW ducks could be fairly feisty, so after a terse warning “quack” that my presence would not be tolerated, I didn’t hesitate to hightail it out of there.

Those visiting the University of Wollongong campus can expect to see newly-hatched ducklings sometime in the next few weeks.

Georgia Holloway’s road less travelled

Georgia Holloway is a first-year Journalism student at the University of Wollongong.

Here she tells us a bit about what attracted her to studying Journalism and where she hopes it might take her.

While still just 19 years of age, she has been confronted with some unusual challenges throughout her life, one in particular that often surprises people to learn of. Watch the video below to find out more:


Vox Pop: How careful are you about posting personal information online?

From social media to banking and online shopping, so many of our daily activities now happen in the digital space, with passwords and data encryption often the means to keeping our private, personal details secure.

The recent Heartbleed bug scare was a terrifying reminder that much of the information we entrust to this space is vulnerable to theft by hackers.

With this in mind, I took to the University of Wollongong campus to ask students how careful they are about posting personal information online.

Unfazed by Childbirth

Kristine Prentoska

Kristine hasn’t been put off having children after watching her niece being born.

It takes a lot to faze Bachelor of Journalism student and keen traveler, Kristine Prentoska.

The 21 year old from Yallah became an aunty for the first time in 2013 and was present at the birth of her niece.

“I had just returned from a holiday to Rottnest Island in Western Australia and went along to support my sister during her labour. It was pretty confronting, but it hasn’t put me off having children.”

Kristine is looking forward to sharing stories of her world travels with her niece as she grows up.

The worst experience of Amelia’s life

Amelia Murphy

Amelia has been turned off alcohol after witnessing a friend’s drunken near-tragedy.

Many young people experience going overboard with drinking after turning the legal drinking age of 18, but one young woman has been put off after seeing a friend get into serious trouble.

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Murphy, a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies student at the University of Wollongong was traumatised after seeing a friend drink so much alcohol, she almost asphyxiated.

“We’d been playing a drinking game and doing shots. It hit my friend so hard and fast, she stopped being able to breathe properly. My friends had to help her vomit.”

Amelia is now very cautious about the amount of alcohol she consumes after witnessing firsthand how dire the consequences can be.